CINETIK 28 - Javi Ruiz

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The new Cinetik 28 represents the evolution of the racket to keep up with the pace of modern padel.

A racket with a variable thickness that reduces to 28mm on the hitting plate and increse to 38mm in the heart and 35mm at the tip to offer the necessary rigidity when hitting. It has a compact hyper elastic core specially developed by SANE to reduce vibrations and offer incredible explosiveness.

Its reduced thickness makes its maneuverability exceptional and the extra long 14cm handle is perfect for all types of grip.

The most innovative racket!

Give this racket a try and you will never want to play with anything else!

Racket technical characteristics

  • Weight : 355/375 gr
  • Balance : High
  • Shape : Diamond
  • Core : Compact Hyper Responsive
  • Frame : 100% Carbon  
  • Plate : Textreme Carbon 12K aluminized
  • Texture : Glossy 3D Deep Spin
  • Drilling : Cinetik pattern

Since the start in 1989, SANE has been known to build very balanced rackets with the best materials and technical innovations so that the rack is perceived as light and flexible. Our experience and knowledge has been shown to reduce the risk of tennis elbow.