Sane Factory

SANE Factory is our manufacturing plant for Europe, which opened its doors almost 10 years ago in Arganda del Rey (Madrid) with the intention of providing the European market with the same celerity and quality that we have been doing in Argentina for more than 30 years.
We focus on searching for the product profile that has historically characterised us. That is, medium-high and high range rackets with significant added value based on padel´s latest technological innovations (many of them with patent of exclusivity).

In the latest years we have been specialising in the implementation of textreme carbon fibers. With this fabric, rackets achieves strong improvements in performance and endurance. Also, it´s so light and resistant, that it has been put to the test by NASA, and it´s used by Lemans 24hs Concept cars.

In addition to manufacturing our racket lines, we are also manufacturers for third parties, which allows other brands to have at their disposal all our innovations.

We strive to respond to the trust that you place in our work, we push ourselves to the highest quality standards and to accomplish this, we are continuously updating our technologies and training skilled labor.