Agressor VII - Juani Rubini

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The elastic/compact core of the Agressor VII - Juani Rubini guarantees a fantastic ball speed without losing control.

This feature translates into a unique feeling of precision and security in each shot.
Another aspect to highlight about the Agressor VII - Juani Rubini is its 3D relief, which provides additional texture to the surface of the racket to improve grip. The TEXTREME 12K aluminized face improves the durability and resistance of the surface, allowing better control of the ball on the court. In addition, its chromated finish gives it a modern and sophisticated aesthetic that does not go unnoticed.

Racket technical characteristics

  • Weight : 355/375 gr
  • Balance : Medium/High
  • Shape : Hybrid Drop-Round
  • Core : Elastic Compact
  • Frame : 100% Carbon  
  • Plate : TexTreme Carbon 12K aluminized
  • Texture : Chromated 3D Deep Spin
  • Drilling : Exaholes 

Since the start in 1989, SANE has been known to build very balanced rackets with the best materials and technical innovations so that the rack is perceived as light and flexible. Our experience and knowledge has been shown to reduce the risk of tennis elbow.