Assassin Diamond White

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The new Assassin Diamond White is an attractive option for players of all levels. Its diamond mold provides optimal power in all overhead and volley shot. Its AluTex plate makes it more comfortable at low speeds and its supersoft core helps absorb vibrations and reduces fatigue in the player's arm, making it easier and more comfortable to play for long periods of time.

The perfect racket for the intermediate player who does not want to give up power.

Racket technical characteristics

  • Player level : Advanced - Professional
  • Weight : 355/375 gr
  • Balance : High
  • Shape : Diamond
  • Core : Elastic Compact
  • Frame : 100% Carbon  
  • Plate : TexTreme 12K Aluminized
  • Texture : Matte rough
  • Drilling : Exaholes 

Since the start in 1989, SANE has been known to build very balanced rackets with the best materials and technical innovations so that the rack is perceived as light and flexible. Our experience and knowledge has been shown to reduce the risk of tennis elbow.