SANE Padel Clinics

During the weekend 28-30 of January, SANE, in collaboration with Nordic padel, Drammen Padel and the Tennisforbund, is organizing a series of clinics and private lessons!

The head coach of the SANE academy Javier Pozanco and the players Juan Restivo and Álvaro Delgado will run the events!

During the clinics you will work on three courts (max 4pp per courts ) on the different aspects of the game.On top of the technique you will train both attack and defense shots and tactics.

The first 30 min will be an introduction to the materials and technologies of padel rackets and the remaining 2 hours work on the court!

Javier Pozanco is padel coach since the early 90s, during the last years has been coach of many WPT couples and since this year is the head coach of the SANE academy in Madrid.

Juan Restivo has been top50 in the WPT, he runs many clinics all over the world and this year he decided to move to the APT where he won the Torreón Open and he is now top25.

Álvaro Delgado is one of the young talent of the SANE academy. He is coach since some years and as player he won the last FIP Rise open in the Netherlands and finished n171 in the WPT.